I'm courtney and I really like american horror story and quicksilver


American Horror Story - Inside AHS

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Freak show filming

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tv challenge - [2/?] female characters: lana winters, american horror story: asylum

I am tough, but I am no cookie.

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Seeing stolen posts with We Heart It captions

The twitter @tweetsonurface is /not/ Evan’s real twitter. He deleted it months ago along with his other social media, whoever runs it now is just a fan pretending to be him and got the username once it became available again. Besides, Evan barely used any of his social media, and it’s clearly a fake account by the things the person says.

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Dreams - Fleetwood Mac ripped from vinyl

Thunder only happens when it’s raining

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What lurks under the big top? Find out when the Freak Show comes to town October 8th. 

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Davis Factor - Evan Peters for Flaunt Magazine

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