Evan Peters in X-Men: Days of Future Past gag reel (x)

Evan Peters + X-Men: Days of Future Past gag reel (x)


 Evan Peters:’American Horror’ in particular is a really crazy show. We have crazy crap happening to us on that show.

American Horror Story: the mix | In honor to freak show, here’s a mix with my favourites songs of American Horror Story


Entertainment Weekly: You play Elsa Mars, a German lady. And you’re sort of the owner of the freak show and it’s on its last legs.
Jessica Lange: Yeah, it’s kind of that thing of the end of one popular entertainment and the beginning of another. As Ryan likes to say, “The end of one freak show and the beginning of another.”
EW: And you arrive in this town and you discover conjoined twins Bette and Dot (Sarah Paulson) and they become the new star of your show?
JL: Yeah, that was a way a lot of these people were found. They would find them in hospitals or jails or wherever and recruited. So that’s how Sarah is introduced into the story. I hear something about her, she’s in the hospital, and I go there.
EW: Is it a maternal relationship between Elsa and the twins?
JL: Well, maternal would be putting it very generously. My character is very manipulative. She understands what’s needed, and she provides it. However, the thing I want to be very clear in this is that my character Elsa really loves these people. She truly cares for them, in her own selfish, narcissistic way. But they mean a great deal to her. It’s not just exploitation. She’s tough, and she’s mean sometimes, and all of that, but she really does love them.
EW: Is she not as villainous as Fiona or Constance?
JL: I don’t see her as villainous. She’s delusional—let’s put it that way [laughs]. But it’s fun to play a delusional character. But she came out of the Weimar Republic, out of that just the s–tstorm between the two wars in Germany and was at one moment a very successful cabaret performer and then everything dissembled. And this is ultimately where she ended up: in a freak show, small town circuit in the south in the early ’50s. So it’s been a wild ride for Elsa. I don’t see her as villainous. I see her as delusional, as narcissistic, as ruthless in her ambition. But her ambition is all tied up in her delusion.
EW: I heard you get to sing again.
JL: Oh my God! Singing, yes! In the first four episodes, I sing three numbers. Which is nuts!
EW: How was that?
JL: Well, actually, it was great. Ryan is a little more than usual playing a little loose with time and genre. So we’ve got a couple really big production numbers that I think if they work are going to be very unique. (x)


@natalienomad: Went to a play tonight support miss #vanessawilliams with some baller seats and guess who’s sitting behind me?


'Like a Circus' - AHS Freak Show

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Evan Peters, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Jane Goldman on a break from shooting Kick-Ass (2008)


I’m Fiona Goode

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